Mai Fatty speaks after firing of GMC’s strongwoman and two others

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Mai Ahmad Fatty has confirmed the expulsion of certain members of Gambia Moral Congress after the party’s strongwoman Tida Kijera confirmed her booting.

Mr Fatty wrote on his official Facebook page on Thursday: “After hours of marathon National Executive meeting, GMC resolved on key decisions relating to the way forward, including the difficult and sensitive decision of expulsion of certain members.

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“Few years ago, another political Party had to expel eight of its elected members of parliament and a chairman of a municipality. Such difficult decisions must be made in the overwhelming interests of the Party, in conformity with Party Constitution, and preferably unanimous. On this, the decision was absolutely unanimous.

“The Deputy Spokesperson will inform the media of our next political move regarding elections. GMC is a sovereign political Party that fought valiantly to end tyranny and will once again assert its presence in the landscape, and will do so according to what the Party perceives to be in its best interests and that of the country.”

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