Mai Fatty accuses IEC of ping-pong game as he scrambles to Election House to put in his appeal

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Mai Fatty has accused the IEC of playing a ping-pong game on him regarding his appeal against Election House’s decision to reject his nomination.

The IEC said on Saturday Mr Fatty could not collect 200 signatures from Banjul and disqualified him from contesting the election.

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The GMC leader dashed to the IEC on Saturday night to lodge an appeal but he said he found the IEC office close.

He said in a live video: “According to the rules, I’m supposed to submit my appeal against the rejection of my nomination before midnight. Unfortunately, as I stand here there is no officer at the IEC to receive my appeal letter against the rejection. No one is here at the IEC to receive the letter of appeal.

“As it is, I spoke to the Chief Election Officer Mr Sambujang Njie who told me he cannot do anything about it but he is already home. He referred me to the chairman of the electoral commission himself Alhaji Momar Alieu Njie himself. I spoke to him on the phone and he also indicated that he is already at home and that I should speak to Mr Sambujang Njie again who is the Chief Electoral Officer. So there is a ping-pong game here.

“The law requires that I submit my rejection letter, appeal against rejection by midnight. IEC office is close and there is nobody to receive my letter. So we have complied with the law and we believe that the IEC committed an arithmetical error. We have evidence to prove that we have submitted more than 200 names from Banjul.”

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