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More information is coming in regarding the apparent failed military operation in the Gambia to topple the Jammeh administration. Reliable sources from the corridors of the State House in Banjul has it that the commander of the State Guard Captain Musa Savage may have been the man who betrayed the arm attackers and killed them upon their arrival at the State House to launch their operations.

The source further alleged that the arm attackers had an agreement with some senior members of the arm forces in the Gambia to back them when they launch their operations. The source went further to indicate that the freedom fighters were in constant contact with Captain Savage who agreed to be part of the coup. However, knowing when the attack is planned and the logistics behind the operations, Captain Savage had a change of mind and decided to launch his counter attack.

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Essentially when the arm men entered Banjul Mr. Savage already planned his plot and waited for them to arrive. Upon arrival with their weapons to launch their attack on the State House the opportunistic Savage who was once fired and disgraced from the State House by President Jammeh, Savage immediately launched an attack on the three man contingent who arrived at the State House. The source further added that Savage shut former Captain Lamin Sanneh who had a good idea of where the armory is located at the State House. Sanneh was unexpectedly attacked at open point range by Savage who was there to welcome them. Sanneh’s company immediately attempted to retreat and fight back but were both gunned down.

The report added that Savage alerted the military check point at the Denton Bridge who were also on alert when the arm attackers arrived. A serious gunfight ensured for a good number of hours around the Denton Bridge and the State House and several men were left death and some captured. Our reliable source ask a question that made the source very credible. The source ask how comes not a single guard at the State House was killed or injured if the arm attackers came with their weapons to launch an attacked? He/she said the reason for that is because the arm attackers were expecting to have a good reception at the State House without firing shots but instead were betrayed. This is essentially how the plot to capture the State House was foiled our source added.

The report also indicated that some soldiers were assigned to the airport, the national television and the two army barracks. However, information had licked prior to the operation and those soldiers on the ground were asked to stand down alleged our military source. This essentially explains why a highly trained and experience contingent of former soldiers some having served in the US army – the best army in the world had a tactical error in launching their operation. “In fact if everything had gone as planned and there were no betrayals this would have been a bloodless takeover” as it was perfectly planned barring any betrayals. The attackers were reportedly in the Gambia several days and were looking to capture some senior security personnel before the launch of the operation.

The latest report from Banjul is that Yahya Jammeh has sneaked into the country through the airport in Banjul escorted by armed men from Chad. He reportedly did not do the usual guard of honour and was rushed in a separate unmarked car into Banjul. The question that many people are asking are… now that Jammeh is back in town the blood bath, arrest, detention, firing and possible killings will begin in earnest. There is expected to be a rounding up of senior security personnel and some government officials who allegedly may be involved in this failed operation. Going by the failed 2006 coup attempt even civilians are likely to be implicated and the fall out begins as soon as the President obtained his briefing.

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Some analysts has it that Captain Savage who initially agreed to be part of the military takeover may have just paved the way for his own demise. That Jammeh is likely to initially reward him but turnaround shortly after to get rid of Savage in the most brutal manner. Gambians are now bracing for the worst as Jammeh has always vowed to kill citizens involved in arm struggle against him. The Gambian army may have committed the worst mistake in history by allowing a brutal dictator like Yahya Jammeh to return to oppress his people after a missed opportunity to end impunity and restore sanity in the country. The first casualties will be soldiers and other security personnel who will pay price. In the meantime, our team’s condolences goes out to the victims of the unfortunate attack. The peaceful Gambia we all know should never have reached this stage of bloodshed only if one man would not have taken control of everything in the country. The diplomatic fall out with Senegal is also likely to erupt at the earliest possible time.

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