Letter Writer Urges Gov’t To Rescue Ports Authority

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Dear Editor,

I would like the New government to help rescue The Gambia Ports Authority from the management team instituted there by former President, Yahya Jammeh starting from board chairman Mustapha Colley to the current managing director Lamin Sanyang. They are the most corrupt management team the institution ever has.

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Lamin organizes overseas trips only for him to be paid per diems. He did not even witness the home coming of Barrow from Senegal because he organized a two weeks overseas trip to Europe. He left barely a day or two before Barrow returned from Senegal.

He is yet to come back. Sanyang was appointed barely two years ago but the amount of wealth he gathered in this two years is beyond apprehension. He has built four to five storey buildings around the kombos. He appoints people close to him especially Jolas in key positions without going through the normal recruitment procedures. Just before the elections he appointed some positions over 50 to 90 percent of those positions were filled by Jolas and are relative of key military officers from the state house like Gen. Saul Badjie.

The records are there to proof. Most of them are not qualified for the positions. Sanyang was appointed as MD with the help of Gen. Saul Badjie after undermining his former boss ML Gibba who did everything for him when he ML Gibba was MD. This guy listed some staff to be dismissed when Jammeh wins the election for simply they are supporters of the coalition.

Thanks, God bless you and your team.

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