“Let’s remove these Saitan people”: Delusional Jammeh calls on citizens to let him return to power

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Former President Yahya Jammeh has called on citizens in Berending, Kombo South to vote for his alliance, the GDC-APRC-GAP alliance.

Jammeh, on exile in Equatorial Guinea, attacked President Adama Barrow saying he is a Saitan person.

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He said: “Let’s trust in God, be united and eschew tribalism and stand this year and remove these Saitan people from power. This [man] who is leader of the country says he would not let anything happen to the peace and stability in the Gambia. He said if you’re president you can say anything you want even if it’s not true. Do you think someone who is a Muslim would say that? Those are Saitan statements.

“I have told you anytime the opposition take the country, you will suffer and it would be only them and their families who would enjoy. What I said has turned out to be true. Let no one fool you.

“Billahi Wallahi Tallahi, if you vote for GDC-APRC-GAP alliance within one week there will not be a single thief. My government is our government, all of us. Billahi Wallahi, if we come to power, even the Saitan they worship will run away. If God wills, Gambia will get to the next level if we come to power. You say you pay school fees now but when I come there will be free education again.”

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