Thursday, June 1, 2023

‘Let’s Be Mindful’ Of ‘Fishy’ New e-Birth Certificate — Mama Kandeh

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By: Alimatou S Bajinka

Leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GDC) party, Mama Kandeh, has said the Ministry of Health should do more clarifications on the making of the new e-birth certificate as he believes the process to be “fishy”.

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“It is good to introduce a digitalisation system but how the ministry is carrying out the process is fishy, that is why I am calling on them for more clarification on the processes of the new birth certificate.”

He claimed that an Alkalo’s attestation and a paper from a Chief can grant one a birth certificate, while your parents’ documents are requested in getting a passport and an ID, saying that this is a form of denying citizens their right.

Kandeh also warned the Gambian citizens to be conscious of their information.

“I want the Gambians to be mindful. This is a sensitive area; your identity card, your passport and your national identity card were all printed by your authorities with their machines, you went through processes before you can be granted an ID, passport and birth certificate.

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There will come a day in this country when they put a document before you and ask you to vote on the referendum, majority of The Gambians will vote no but you will be overcome by non-Gambian voters. Let’s be mindful.”

He said they have no problem with introducing a digitalised system, but it should start with people that are holding national documents, both identity cards and passports.

He calls on the Ministry of Health for proper clarification before he could go for the new birth certificate.

“Am calling on the Ministry of Health to come out and clarify, until then I reserved myself and anybody that pays heed to my words. In fact, if they cannot clarify the process they should stop for now or look for people with valid documents and make a birth certificate for them and health insurance. I want the Ministry of Health to clearly state their aims regarding the new birth certificate,” he stressed.

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He alleged that the health ministry created a market for a few individuals and started attaching fees to the new birth certificate asking people to pay D300 to D500.

“What are we trying to introduce, he asked.

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