Thursday, June 1, 2023

“Leadership Remains Challenging In Africa” – Mustapha Njie TAF CEO

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By Dawda Baldeh

Mustapha Njie, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of TAF Africa Global, a real estate company operating in different countries across Africa, has said leadership remains a key challenge in Africa.

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Mr. Njie made the remark yesterday during Coffee Time with Peter Gomez on West Coast Radio.

He said he wants to leave a legacy in the country. “I think the problem of Africa is leadership. Leadership must be addressed. For me to leave a legacy, I think it is very important to set up a foundation for the future.”

He revealed that the TAF leadership academy was set up to train young people in the country on leadership skills.

Mr. Njie noted that it is important to prepare young people for leadership in the future. “At this age, this is what must of us should at least focus on,” he said.

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He went further to say that if the young people are properly trained on leadership, the future of the country will be bright.

“We should build them on a solid foundation so that they can take up from us. We are responsible for the youths and their future.”

Speaking on other issues, Mr. Njie said he also established the TAF Icons to recognize the people who have done well for the country, noting that a lot of people have done well for the country, but their efforts are not being recognized. He said TAF Icon aims at giving awards to legends in the country, adding that people should not wait until great people die before acknowledging their efforts.

“I wish the government will take things like this to honor some people who have done a lot of good in this country. We must not wait until they die before we start recognizing them.”

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