LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: Jammeh can give away anything but his arrogance… He can’t even respect President Barrow as a president and the sooner the president knows this the better

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Jammeh’s latest address is reassurance he can give away anything but his arrogance. Only death can make him part with that.

The former dictator called again from his Equatorial Guinea hideout despite President Adama Barrow’s warning to Mamma Kandeh to stop inviting the former president to his platforms. Mamma vowed he will continue to let the former president speak at his rallies, and Jammeh speaking on Thursday meant he has dared the president.

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Jammeh’s address on Thursday showed he remains a bitter man. He has still not been able to come to terms with his electoral defeat in 2016. No wonder he continues to be the Trump of The Gambia by continuing with his lie the election was stolen. Nobody stole that election. Gambians had enough of his madness and sacked him.

President Barrow must stand firm against Jammeh. He is right that Jammeh is trying to create chaos in the country. Jammeh’s recent hate speech against the Mandinkas is more than enough to take action against him. Jammeh is on an asylum and has no business with Gambian politics.

Throughout his 21-minute address, Jammeh simply addressed President Adama Barrow as Adama Barrow. Jammeh can’t even accept what God decreed: the presidency of President Barrow. The sooner the president sees this the better.

But Jammeh is delusional too to say he will take Gambia to the Promised Land when he comes back whether President Adama Barrow likes it or not.

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Still, Jammeh is like Commander Alincak. Alincak was a top Mongolian commander who conquered nearly half of the world and then headed for Anatolia. Just as he was about to conquer the entire world, he got destroyed by a brave Turkish warrior who had only a few hundred men at his disposal. Arrogance destroys a man and Jammeh should ask Alincak or even the Pharoah.

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