LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: IEC has granted my wish… Father and son must be given the chance to settle their differences and this election is surely the platform

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It would have been a shame if the IEC had rejected UDP leader Darboe’s nomination. The election would have been a boring, lifeless event.

When Momodou Sabally marched to the IEC compound with those big envelopes, there was a feeling Darboe wasn’t taking any chances. With everything that had been said, every detail mattered.

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A day before Darboe’s confirmation, some of his supporters peddled the false claim the IEC has disqualified him, making good on a conspiracy to stop him from running. You then had others writing that without Darboe, there would be no election. With his clearing now, he is now set to collide with his own son for the most eagerly anticipated political war in Gambian history.

Never mind Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder’s trilogy or Mohammed Ali and George Foreman’s Rumble in the Jungle. This one would be a monumental clash involving pound-for-pound political heavyweights. Darboe has voters behind him but Barrow too has voters behind him.

I want these two men to face each other in December for one reason: it’s about father and son who have accused each other of betrayal. God himself will now arbitrate this feud through the citizens who are set to vote. We will get to learning who is right and who is wrong.

I need not bore you with who I think will come out on top as I have done so, so many times in the past. President Barrow is out to annihilate (retire) an ageing father while Darboe is out to stop a son he believes is wayward. Whatever the result, this family feud will be done for good.

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