LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: I feel sorry for Sheikh Tijan Hydara… He put his whole into this only to be relegated to the back

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It doesn’t take much to understand Jammeh is looking for someone to use to get out of the pit he currently is in. Jammeh wants to break loose from his confirmed fate and is looking for someone to help him do it.

Until October 15, nobody really knew what Jammeh was up to. His role in APRC’s alliance with NPP and this election remained largely unclear. His address on that Friday is what actually gave one an idea.

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Jammeh saying he did not approve of the APRC’s alliance with NPP caused a lot of loyal Jammeh supporters to quit. These are the people who make up his No Alliance Movement.

But I believe Fabakary Tombong Jatta that Jammeh was indeed aware of the party’s decision to form an alliance with NPP. Jammeh changed his mind only after realizing he is not coming to the country any time soon.

One thing you must give Jammeh is that you have people who still love him. Even Dodou Jah whom he has fired as one of the ‘traitor’ leaders of APRC still loves him.

Regarding Sheikh Tijan Hydara, he only became a beneficiary of Jammeh’s lunacy, even if briefly. It was a moment of pride for Mr Hydara when Jammeh said he had gone on a winnowing of all the parties and it was only GANU that passed. And no wonder he gave it every commitment and even vowed that he would win.

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Yet, Jammeh asking his supporters to rally behind Mr Hydara was huge as it took the soft-spoken Brufut-native to a whole new political level. A man who struggled for support even in his hometown could now sit at the negotiation table.

Yet, Mr Hydara’s new-found political eclat was fleeting. That was confirmed on Friday when Jammeh’s supporters penned a deal with GDC and chose Mamma Kandeh as their flagbearer.

And the fact that Mr Hydara did not show up at the event showed this man is done for this election. Kandeh has overthrown him. And I can only feel sorry for him.

But the lesson is that in politics, one must get a base first before one would be respected.

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