Monday, June 5, 2023

KMC CEO Sainabou Martin denies owing staff welfare association, threatens to sue Agib Bank & KMC mayor

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Sainabou Martin Sonko has denied owing the council any debt, saying the staff welfare association, which accused her of applying for and securing a 12 million dalasis loan from Agib Bank Gambia Limited without the knowledge and consent of the association and therefore instituted a civil suit against her at the High Court, is acting under the directives of the mayor.

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Responding to a letter from the Staff Welfare Association, the KMC CEO said, “I wish to make it clear herein that I Sainabou Martin Sonko do not owe the Kanifing Municipal Council Staff Welfare any debt as stated in your letter.”

She further said that she does not know any person named Baba Bass whose name was mentioned in the letter from the association claiming he was among the CEO and others in the alleged financial dealing.

“I further wish to state that this matter was taken to court by the Kanifing Municipal Council and that case is still ongoing at the High Court Annex. I believe that we should allow the High Court to decide on the case before bringing up another case in the same vein,” she added.

She questioned why the staff association executives waited until they are reinstated back to the council to demand debt payment.

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“I believe that this so-called Executive of the Welfare Association decided to initiate such because they are being used politically against myself and co-accused. The reason being, the mayor and his council failed in their quest to wrongfully dismiss us from the services of the council based on their personal hatred and political vendetta,” she asserted.

When asked about the recent court case, she responded, “I don’t receive a summon from any court.

Reacting to the matter, Ms. Sonko noted that she is prepared for any legal battle, saying she has evidence of meetings with some executives of the staff association.

“I have my audios of the meetings and the attendance list that was signed. Even Modou Njie who is spearheading everything signed in that list,” she told The Fatu Network.

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According to the CEO, some members of the staff association are not happy with the executives’ actions by consulting a lawyer’s services without their consent.

“The issue surrounding the matter is politically motivated. The general staff of the council is not happy with the fact that they went ahead to consult the service of a lawyer against us without informing them.

The staff was informed, and everybody was informed, and we have our evidence. We are only waiting for the right authorities to present the evidence to them,” she emphasized.

Ms. Sonko who strongly believes she has evidence of their meetings in the council told TFN that she is not afraid of meeting anyone in court.

“If this matter is to be followed, I can sue the bank and the mayor. The bank breached the contract that was legal and backed by legal documents which were signed by the rightful authorities. They act based on the misleading information the mayor gave them. I am only waiting for them to take the lead then I will follow. I believe the matter is far from over,” she noted.

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