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By Lamin Drammeh

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Gambian sports journalist Babucarr Sey who was arrested in connection with land dispute issues has been released on bail Sunday evening, June 11, The Fatu Network can confirm. He is asked to report to the Sere kunda police station Monday in relation to his pending case.

The young sports reporter Sey, who works for Paradise FM Radio, was arrested Friday evening by the police. He spent two nights in detention amidst public outcry, calling on the authorities to free the young man who has been instrumental in efforts to uprooting Jammeh and his dictatorship.

Sey was subsequently charged on four accounts of indictment namely, conspiracy to commit felony, assembly without seeking police permit, destruction of private property and unlawful use of banners. He has since denied the charges.

The purported protest has to do with a football field claimed by the youths of Kololi from Global properties whom they said occupied the land unlawfully.

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In other words, They accused Global properties, one of the leading real estate dealers in the Gambia for iligally acquiring the football field, a land the youths said is meant to serve purely as a football field for the youths of Kololi.

The police in Banjul said the protest took place without a permit to peaceful exercise of rights to such as prescribed by the laws of the land.

Sey’s reported arrest comes hot on the heels of similar Crackdown on several other protesters by the Police who have taken that matter to the courts to make a final ruling.

The last week’s demonstration was held in Kanilai, the birth place of former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. The people of Kanilai and foni by extension have said they do not recognize Barrow as their president. They have since protested for Jammeh’s return without delay.

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Sey, who goes by the sobriquet Nani, has been a vocal campigner against former president Yahya Jammeh whose efforts to cling onto power after losing Dec 1 presidential elections failed woefully.

He fled to the neighboring Senegal for his personal safety following threats to his live by the notorious national intelligence agency, NIA, best known for their brutal killings of citizens under previous regime.

He returned to his native Gambia following the departure of Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea where he has been seeking refuge for the past four months.

Global properties agency is owned by one Saul Frazer. Mr Frazer was recently appointed Ambassador at Large by President Barrow-led government.

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