Jammeh’s Kanilai Weapon Cache Finally Secured In Fajara Barracks

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The cache of weapons discovered at former president, Yahya Jammeh’s villa in Kanilai has finally be collected and transported to Faraja Barracks this morning.

The cache which includes lethal weapons were transported in military trucks by the combined ECOMIG and Gambia Armed Forces officials who stored them at a secure place at the barracks.

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At the start of the intervention of the ECOMIG forces in The Gambia, there has been concerns about the fate of former dictator Jammeh’s weapons. Credible reports were that, the dictator and his ‘Enablers’ in the army, set up mobile armories embedded in civilian populated areas as part of the broader plan to commit genocide in the country.

The discovery of the Kanilai cache and its transportation to the Fajara Barracks for secure keeping is part of the first initiative to account for any missing weapons from The Gambia Armed Forces armories.


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