Jammeh’s ‘Junglers’ Abandon Their Kotu Residence

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Jammeh’s assain team, ‘The Junglers’ have not been seen at their kotu residence for almost a week since the departure into exile of  their commander in chief who they are directly answerable to.

Sergeant Sulayman Sambou the man alleged to have tortured Solo Sandeng to death, the national organizing secretary of the opposition United Democratic Party is nowhere to be seen. Both Sergeant Sambou and Sana Manjang another alleged killer for former President, Yahya Jammeh are all said to have left the country.

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“I have just heard that someone helped him with a visa to Spain” a source disclosed to The Fatu Network. Sergeant Sambou is said to be a very dangerous man who does not hesitate to kill on the orders of former President, Yahya Jammeh. “If you see him coming towards you, it is better you find something to kill yourself with, because the way he tortures people is so brutal and terrible’. a security source said.


The whereabouts of Sana Manjang is also unknown. “I used to see him everyday, but now he has not been seen for almost a week” a neighbor said.

Meanwhile, General Bora Colley, a one time commander of Jammeh’s assassin team is currently held in Senegal after he was arrested by police at a border checkpoint attempting to enter Guinea Bissau. General Colley served as camp commander in Kanilai, Jammeh’s home village and briefly served as director general of the notorious Mile two central Prison.

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