Jammeh warned to stop talking or blame himself for anything that befalls him

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Former leader of People’s Progressive Party Omar Amadou Jallow has asked former President Yahya Jammeh to stop stoking chaos in The Gambia.

Mr Jallow alias OJ who was speaking on Monday in Serrekunda said the former dictator would have himself to blame for anything that befalls him.

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He said: “I want my child who is in Equatorial Guinea who is Yahya Jammeh. I want him to hear me say he is my child and that he should keep quiet. I was friends with his dad when I was in Bwiam in 1968. This is why when he father passed, it was me he came to and I was the one who gave him a car to take the corpse from Banjul to Mayork. They are from Mayork. His father was buried in Mayork.

“I have heard him speak in the language of religion but has he ever heard Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara speak at a meeting of PPP when I was leader of PPP and when he was in England? When Sir Dawda returned to The Gambia, have we ever seen him make political statements? He wrote to say his has given his role in the party to me.

“Yahya Jammeh has the likes of Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Rambo Jatta, Yankuba Colley and others. They stood by him when he was here and away still he is saying things that can bring chaos in The Gambia.

“I want to say if he wants his end to be in peace, let him keep quiet and sit in peace. Otherwise he will go to where he doesn’t want to go to and I am not wishing that for him. I am his dad and this is why I forgave him. If he doesn’t keep quiet, he has himself to blame for anything that befalls him.”

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