‘It’s UDP that should rule this country’: Darboe tells citizens in Basse UDP is the party that should rule The Gambia and take it to the Promised Land

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United Democratic Party leader Ousainou Darboe has told citizens in Basse Upper River Region his party is the party that can take the country to the Promised Land.

Mr Darboe is looking to take State House from President Adama Barrow and his campaign trail has now reached the Upper River Region.

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Mr Darboe told citizens at his Basse rally on Wednesday: “For me to be seeking office should not mean my opponents should be my enemy and vice versa. But what we are showing Gambians is that it’s UDP that should rule this country. The reason is that for two years, we put experts together to analyze how this country should be run.

“We have seen how this country was run in the past and we have seen how it’s being run presently. The Independent Electoral Commission said we should submit our manifesto and we have done that. But we singled out five important issues which we named the five-point agenda. This is the five pillars that a government should run by.

“Our youth are all leaving the country nowadays and some are dying in the Sahara desert. Some enter boats and die in the Mediterranean. UDP says our youth should no longer leave our country. We say we can work hard and take care of ourselves and our families. We want to build 10 specialised skills centres in the country.”

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