‘It’s today you will say I am their CEO’: Seething Darboe responds to President Barrow’s claim he is Three Years Jotna’s CEO

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UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has vowed to take the verbal war to President Adama Barrow as the political row between father and son festers further.

President Barrow speaking in Farafenni last week had said UDP leader was the chief executive officer of the proscribed Three Years Jotna movement.

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Responding to the claims during his own rally in Farafenni over the weekend, Darboe said the claim is not true.

He said: “You said I am CEO of Three Years Jotna. Adama you know, between you and God, that in cabinet when OJ said when the three years is over, the government should step aside and if it didn’t he will resign. It was said in cabinet.

“Adama, I was the one who told you ‘leave them with me and I tell show them what the law says’. When Halifa Sallah said Adama should leave power in three years, I told him (Adama Barrow) ‘leave them with me and I will show them what the law says’.

“It’s today you (Adama Barrow) will say I am their CEO. But if at all I am their CEO, It means I committed aiding and abetting and so why you didn’t charge me and take me to court? A president should not stand and say things that are not true. But since it’s verbal war that you want, I am ready and I will destroy you.”

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