‘It’s all false’: Dr Samateh says Women’s Lives Matter members are politicians hiding behind activism

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Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh tore into Gambian Women’s Lives Matter on Sunday saying the group one comprising politicians who go about deceiving Gambians.

Speaking at President Barrow’s nationwide tour meeting in Brikama on Sunday, the health minister said: “There is a group, I have never mentioned their name since I did not know their name earlier. They like us to mention their name since that increase their popularity. But if you see we’re saying their name it’s because they are misleading people.

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“They are called Women’s Lives Matter. Government knows this more than them, President Barrow knows it more than them. This is why he is doing all of these for you. But they are going around misleading people by saying ‘government this, government that’. It’s all false. Because they don’t even understand what they say. Because they have never come to engage the ministry of health so we can explain things to them.

“But on the whole their activities are political. It was today some people sent me pictures where they took pictures with a political leader. People who say they are trying to save the lives of women are now saying ‘vote for X’? Are those not politicians?

“Some of these activists have relatives in opposition parties and are now using this tactic of mobilising women and saying they are the people to stand for them when they it is not true. They can’t do anything for women. I heard they are now doing fundraising to stand for women but go and ask them what they are doing with that money. Ignore them.”


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