Is the UDP that desperate to accept the despicable Sidi Sanneh’s endorsement?

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Sidi Sanneh, the despondent Gambian octogenarian infamous for living a worthless and quarantined life in the USA has finally come out last night to endorse Lawyer Ousainou Darbo and the UDP in the December presidential race.

I am not necessarily advising the UDP not to accept the endorsement of the ignoramus but if they really plan to do so I only hope they will think twice or read this paper first before making it public.

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To start with Sidi is notorious for every reason imaginable about an underachiever and is a genius in using his reprehensible track record as source of weapons to fabricate all sorts of allegations against his perceived enemies whether real or imagined.

After futilely trying every conceivable machination to gain employment from President Barrow he now as habitual digs deep into his reservoir of toxicity for weapons to spew against our well-loved president. Sidi Sanneh a man whose name during the PPP government was synonymous with corruption, scandalously committed the worst economic crimes in the Gambia as a tender-board member especially at the education department; and while working at the ADB in Ivory Coast was dishonorably dismissed and denied all his retirement benefits due to his unscrupulousness with the Bank’s funds; amazingly, this idiot was yesterday accusing  President Adama Barrow of being a corrupt leader. I am not making this up at all!

That said, if you want to know the most loathed scumbag in the so-called “diaspora” look for no person other than Sidi Sanneh whose record of treachery, untrustworthiness and deception matches none today. He again wants to reverse that hatred against him to accuse President Barrow of venting malicious remarks against those living in the diaspora. He shamelessly tried to associate himself with the positive “Diasporans” contributing immensely to the Gambian economy through remittance when he has no job and has never sent a dime here; but that aside, who has ever heard President Adama Barrow making any derogatory remarks against the hundreds and thousands of Gambians living and working honestly abroad that prompted this jackass to fabricate such nonsense? Other than consistently praising them, he has never discredited or degraded any of their efforts.

As a matter of fact, the last time I checked, the overwhelming majority of Gambians currently living abroad are in total support of President Barrow and his government and are zealously rooting for his reelection on December 4, 2021. All of them have recognized and cherished  the good work of Barrow for particularly putting his foot down against the deportation of Gambian migrants from the West, following his shocking discovery that when Lawyer Ousainou Darbo was foreign minister he clandestinely signed the deportation agreement with Western governments. Thanks to the permanent secretary at the ministry of foreign affairs then the secret file bearing the entente was revealed to President Barrow and his government.

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Trust me, all that Sidi Sanneh needs in a UDP government that I am afraid will not happen in his lifetime is his appointment to a position of cash to revitalize his extravagant life of dining, wining and wifing recklessly. If not there, to be appointed to a position-preferably an ambassadorial job-where to finally unleash his vindictive strategy of making life for every Gambian migrant living abroad miserable and unproductive. I can attest to the fact that he definitely hates all of them. His isolation in the West, without friends or genuine family members, is the bitterness slowly but surely consuming the heart of this scalawag.

But hopefully the UDP and Lawyer Darbo will soon be forwarded the audio made by his own daughter accusing him of repeatedly raping her in Abidjan while he was working there for the ADB hence compelling her to study law somewhere in Senegal just to get her nasty father after graduating.

Talking about cases of human immorality and filth, find me one worst than Sidi-no-good-for-nothing Sanneh and receive a special reward from me.

But trust me, time and events will eventually teach him the lesson he properly deserves.

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