Imam Bakawsu Fofana attacks Imam Chebo Cham, says the Imam lied

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Imam Bakawsu Fofana has come after Imam Chebo Cham over the latter’s comments Islam doesn’t accept opposition.

Imam Cham had last week Friday blasted the nation’s opposition saying they are doing nothing in the country other than causing conflict.

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Imam Cham had said: “All the opposition do not want anyone to speak on the good things of government. The reason they don’t want it is because speaking on the good things of government makes people to love the government and if people love government they cannot get to power themselves.

“Sheikh Muhammed Lamin Touray did not say anything other than ‘my religion forbids being opposition’. And that is true and you cannot stop us from saying that. It’s our religion that says it. Do you want us to misrepresent the verses as the jews did?

“You can do your opposition all you like but our religion bars us from opposing government. Billahi Wallahi anyone who studies the religion will find this there. What benefit have your opposition-hood for Gambia? Nothing other than conflict that we are in.”

In a riposte he released on Thursday, Imam Fofana said: “You swore on a lie Chebo Cham. Which Surah says we should not oppose the leader? You swore on a lie Chebo Cham. A lie that can take one to hell.

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“The way to know the religion or the Quran doesn’t ban being opposition… You have all gone to Saudi to study along with scholars in Senegal and elsewhere in the region.

“But you will never hear these scholars in their fatwas that the religion doesn’t accept being opposition. So why would your religion teach that? Are you not in the same religion as the people?”


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