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Political parties and Group Leaders both at home and in The Diaspora, in 2016 the

Republic of The Gambia will conduct her elections. And I think we all have seen

enough of :

  • Looting of our national coffers ;
  • Corruption ;
  • Murder ;
  • People disappearing without trace ;
  • Blatantly stirring of the tribal card;
  • Pimping of our women especially the young ones ;
  • Control and gagging of the media outlets;
  • Unlawful Arrests ;
  • Illegal detentions ; excetera.
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The list is too long for me to enumerate. All of the above and more are committed by

no other person than Dictator Yaya Jammeh.

Fellow Strugglers!

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We are politically back at it again. And in the good old days, PPP could always be

depended upon the provision of at least a fairly-balanced political campaign for all

the participatory parties. But Dictator Yaya Jammeh is used to playing games and a

whole new set of rules and procedures against the opposition. And the upcoming

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election is not going to go without his usual political gimmicks just to win and stay on

to continue to give Gambians endless nightmares.


Dictator Yaya Jammeh seems to have won the hearts and minds of many Gambians.

Yet, I want to tell you that this is not a complete reality. Because most of his political

gains going 21 years were achieved through the instillation of fear into our people.


The Dictator has forced upon us for 2 years as Junta Chairman and 4 terms of his

callous regime which practices dictatorship against Gambians instead of lifting up

their hopes for meaningful development.

Therefore, what we should do to the dictator is clear to all of us.

He cannot be elected for a fifth time because it is not the opportunity.

For us at the NTCG, if the 2016 is the only way to end dictator yaya’s madness, we

wish to launch a campaign to select one candidate to oppose dictator Jammeh.

The main idea will be to give us an international dimension and credibility in preparations

for the upcoming Presidential election. Despite all we have to build for the Gambian

opposition, the best probability could also come through this election provided that

this is what we all want.

But first we must invite the biggest opposition party which I think is the UDP whose

Leader might not be allowed to stand, collectively build upon its premise and agenda

by electing a candidate in a proposed primary election where all the competing

opposition candidates would be allowed to present their manifestos to our

supporters. By this way, I strongly believe that we would be able to elect a popular

candidate with the most public appeal to lead and who will also be able to go

toe-to-toe with the Dictator in Banjul in order to combat the latter.

Astute Politicians, Fellow group Leaders;

Let us select the man for the task. This is the reality we must all have to accept it

because a divided opposition can never stand. The Gambia must stand tall and we

cannot allow Dictator Yaya Jammeh to collapse her.  Dictator Jammeh has been lying

to Gambians this whole time and he tries to play smart with all of us. So let us

candidly work together to end any plan he has in this election.

We all want power and glory, but The Gambia supersedes all of us which means we

need to come to the table to renegotiate our politics. Is a tough call but this is the

truth. We shall say no to tribalism and blind leadership.

The future is here and it is left to us to create it. There will be no room for error

because all dissidents or opposition stand but a common foe to the Dictator. No hand

should stand idle and we should give it our all. As we can no longer afford to play

poker with our country’s future.

This is the thought I have come upon and since we all have fought long for a free

Gambia I saw that I should share it.

“Waa-to Seeta! Wahtou Bii Jout naah..!

I thank you all for your solidarity and God bless the Republic of The Gambia.


Ntcg leader

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