IEC Appeals High Court Judgment: Says They Are Committed to the Conduct of Free, Fair and Transparent Elections

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The country’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has formally appealed the judgment handed down by Hon Justice Amina S. Ceesay in the High Court on 23rd November 2021, in the matter between ISMAILA CEESAY& ANOR V IEC

The IEC says whilst its appeal is ongoing the institution is committed to the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections, maintaining that it is still waiting for the Citizens’ Alliance to comply with the court ruling.

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Pa Makan Khan is Director of Communications at the IEC he was responded to allegations made by the Presidential Candidate of the Citizens’ Alliance in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network at Election House.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay claims that the commission is vehemently bent on depriving them (CA) of running for the 4th December Election even after a court ruling made it clear that they (IEC) acted outside the law.

“They are now bent on frustrating the judgement by filing an appeal only to delay and forestall my opportunity to run for president. But they cannot stop us, as a matter of fact, we shall start our campaign on Sunday.” Dr Ceesay said in an earlier press conference.

Pa Khan says the new names CA has provided are not considered since they are not in line with the court’s direction.

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