‘I thank my wife for her understanding’: Lamin Bojang breaks silence over nude video scandal – as he tells reporters he is stronger but also thanks his wife for her understanding

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By Matty Senghore

Lamin Bojang tried very hard not to cry as he broke his silence about a nude video scandal that is threatening to all but end his political career, insisting he is stronger than ever before while also reserving special thanks for his wife for her ‘understanding’ and ‘cooperation’.

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The GAP presidential candidate has been the talk of the town following the circulation last week of his nude video online, the first political leader in modern time to be mired in such a disaster.

On Tuesday, the retired army general broke his silence about the issue insisting he is as strong as ever.

“I am going through it with you people who trust in me and Wollahi today I am stronger because of you, my spirit is more rekindled and there is no way that somebody can force me to resign from politics,” he said.

Mr Bojang also insisted one person who’s ‘severely’ affected when such a thing happens is one’s spouse.

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The former diplomat said: “When this incident happened, I live with a family, I live with a woman and I live with my parents. Most times when these types of things happen, the first person that is severely affected, that could even be an understatement, is your spouse.

“And I want to on-camera thank my wife for her understanding and her cooperation. And also through her, thank her family for the support that they have given me all throughout, from last week to date.

“My wife has been doubting but Alhamdullilah when she went through every bit of this incident, she vowed and swore that we are going to stand in this shoulder to shoulder.”

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