‘Hustlers will always be hustlers’: Sidi Sanneh responds to Samsudeen Sarr after latter branded him a clown

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Sidi Sanneh has branded Samsudeen Sarr a hustler amid a war of words between the two older citizens.

Samsudeen Sarr had in an opinion piece called the new UDP convert the most loathed scumbag whose record of treachery, untrustworthiness and deception matches none today. He later branded Sanneh a clown.

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Sidi Sanneh fired back today by calling Sarr a discredited hustler in what is now a full-blown war of words.

Sanneh said: “It’s an act of desperation to unleash a discredited hustler cum author on me. He’s the only author I know to disown an entire book he claimed to have authored so that he can return to the good graces of Jammeh. Hustlers will be hustlers.”

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