How QTV is balancing informing public and staff safety amid coronavirus rocking TV station

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By Fatou Camara II and Mudiwa Ngum

News of QTV staff testing positive for coronavirus has been on the lip of many Gambians for a while now amid suggestions the privately run TV station needs to shut its offices over the development.

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However speaking to The Fatu Network, QTV Head of News and Current Affairs Ade Daramy said the institution has a duty to keep the public informed but an ‘even’ greater duty to keep the staff and public safe .

“Like the rest of the society, we have been affected, we have a duty to keep the public inform but even a greater duty to keep our staff and the public safe,” the QTV editor said.

He added: “Only those that have tested and returned negative results have been allowed to work . Colleagues who have not tested have not been allowed into the building until they have tested and received the all-clear . This is 2020, many people can do work from home myself included.

“Our premises are now now fumigated on a daily basis. Our duty to inform and educate , includes telling the public that even an institution such as ours which put in place precaution measures can still be affected. We have a very staff some of whom tested negative and came back from leave to work. We will never compromise and put the health of our staff or members of the community at risk , we follow the advise and guidelines of the WHO and the Health Ministry “.

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Babucarr Sey staff of QTV said: “My co-workers are positive, yes but that should not stop us from feeding or informing our viewership. It is difficult things are not as it used to be.

“We are doing our outmost best to make sure that we make satisfy the needs of our listeners or viewership . The management is doing everything possible to make sure that we are protected while we are in the office.

“They are doing their best by providing us with all the materials needed as far as the WHO and Ministry of Health had advise in putting place the precaution measures, the place is been fumigated, protective gears are been to us. So working from home and here is all the same because the office is safe for us to come back and continue doing our work “

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