Hassan Jallow Is New Chief Justice Of The Gambia

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Justice Hassan B Jallow, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara’s  administration was sworn in as Chief Justice of The Gambia presided over by President Adama Barrow.

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President Barrow in his statement highlighted that the country is going through a historic transition in establishing a modern democracy where respect for human rights and dignity of the person is the norm.
“Honourable Jallow has served the Gambia in different capacities and today it is expected that the experience gain locally and internationally will take the Gambia’s justice system to higher heights,” President Barrow said.

The Gambian leader commended Justice Jallow for his decision to join the crusade to rebuild the country, saying there can never be peace when there is no justice and there cannot be justice without freedom of expression.

“Twenty two years of injustice and abuse of power require knowledge to ensure that justice is seen to be done as well as reconciliation to give peace a chance,” Barrow pointed out.

“We can forgive but we cannot forget in ensuring that justice prevails,” he added.

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President Barrow said the expertise and experience of Chief Justice Jallow would be needed, saying his experience gained during services under the International Criminal Tribunal in Africa and beyond would be useful in The Gambia.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakr M. Tambedou has commended the appointment of Chief Justice Jallow.

“His appointment marks a new beginning for judiciary independence in the Gambia, its only the first step towards restoring public confidence in our justice system,” said Minister Tambedou.

The Minister of Justice further stated that the government will strongly encourage strict compliance and enforcement without reserving decisions rendered by the justice system for or against the government.

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The new Chief Justice, Hassan B Jallow, said: “At the judiciary, we shall do our utmost to ensure that the justice system meets the expectations of the community and of the required international standards.”

Meanwhile, the swearing in ceremony was attended by senior government officials and other dignitaries.

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