Hamat Bah foresees a UDP government if NRP disunites with ruling NPP

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By: Ousman Saidykhan

The leader and secretary general of National Reconciliation Party (NRP) has encouraged his party militants to cement their relationship with President Barrow’s NPP or risk seeing a United Democratic Party (UDP) government in the Gambia.

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“UDP has a solid support. Fortunately, for us, they don’t grow, but their number remains solid. If there is any division on the other side, they stand chance to be a minority government in this country,” Hon. Hamat Bah said.

He told the militants they should never let that happen and the only way they could avoid that is by rallying behind President at all times.

“If we are divided, it will become a disaster and that disaster we don’t want to see happen,” the tourism minister said.

UDP is the biggest opposition party in the Gambia and it appears to be the only party Barrow’s political ally, Hamat Bah fears.

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Hamat Bah has been accused of selling his NRP to Barrow, an accusation he has always denied. But what is clear now, is that, the NRP will never contest against Barrow for the country’s highest leadership position, according to its leader.

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