“Halifa Sallah Is No Longer Coalition Spokesperson “- Mai Fatty

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By Lamin Sanyang – The Minister of Interior, Mai Ahmed Fatty has denounced Halifa Sallah as the official spokesperson of the coalition on Sunday, March 5, 2017.

“Halifa Sallah is no longer spokesperson of the coalition. Whatever he said is his opinion. He can only speak for his party, ” Mai Fatty said.

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Fatty made these statements at a joint press conference held at UDP Manjai Bureau. He argued that the coalition government has already appointed Minister of Information and a Director of Press at the Office of the President. He said these are the proper authorities to speak on behalf of the coalition.

Mai Fatty who is the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress GMC has explained that the coalition of opposition parties was formed as an instrument of convenience to oust the former president from power, adding that the discussion was only confined to the removal of a dictator. He said the discussion has not covered the national assembly election. It was nothing but political convenience.

“The coalition is not a registered political party,” he pointed out.

Mr. Fatty who has lived in self-impose exiled for the past ten years during Jammeh era added that the tactical alliance formed by his party with UDP and NRP is an integral process of the coalition. He said it is meant to empower President Barrow. He said the parties opposing them are the ones undermining the presidency of Adama Barrow.

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“If you go against tactical alliance it means you are going against the president which we will not allow. This is unacceptable,” he asserted.

The GMC leader emphasized that any betrayal to tactical alliance will be a support to the former dictatorship. He said other members of the coalition are expected to join them in the coming days. Mai accused social media of breaching the unity of the nation.

Meanwhile, Hamat Bah leader of NRP translated the statements in the local languages. He said he has always supported the UDP for being the largest party.

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