Halifa addresses citizens in Kerewan, warns that they should vote for leader who is knowledgeable and compassionate

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PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah addressed citizens on Sunday in Kerewan warning them against giving their votes without a purpose.

PDOIS leaders are on a caravan tour of the nation and the caravan entered Badibou on Sunday.

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Speaking in Kerewan, Halifa Sallah who is PDOIS’ presidential candidate said: “I am someone who has been into politics for a very long time. You used to say election doesn’t remove a leader. For 52 years, this country did not change through an election. But five years back, 2016… People came together and how did it end?

“The person whom you know is powerful than everyone and has money more than everyone has gone. How did he leave? It was not the bullet that removed him, it was people’s votes. So if you do not cast your vote based on a purpose, it becomes useless. This is why people say ‘there is change but we are still suffering’.

“So if you do not use your mind and know how to use your vote and give it to someone whose mind survives on knowledge and heart survives compassion, such is the person that should be leader. If it’s not such a person, you will suffer. You will be born in poverty, grow up in poverty and die in poverty.”

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