Govt reacts to Foni NAMs’ “unfounded allegations”, cautions legal action against sympathizers of perpetrators of gross human rights violations, atrocities 

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The government of The Gambia has reacted to what they believe were mere allegations by Foni National Assembly Members (NAMs), barely a week after the 5 National Assembly Members convened what they called a “high-level press conference”.

The 4th of December presser focused on “current burning issues and the injustices against Foni citizens in the Region.” However, it appears that some of the content of the press conference did not go down well with the government.

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Among the issues discussed during the press conference, the 5 NAMs alleged the unfair termination and dismissal of Foni citizens from key civil and public service positions as well as the targeting of people from Foni by the various Commissions of Inquiry.

“The Gambia government registers its total disappointment with the false allegations of unfair targeting of people from the Foni Region by the various Commissions of Inquiry as well as the unfair termination or dismissal of public officials and civil servants.

“That notwithstanding, Government cautions that it will not hesitate to take all available lawful action against any individual or group of individuals with sympathies towards the principal perpetrators of gross human rights violations and atrocities committed in The Gambia,” government responds in a press release dated 11th December 2022.

The five parliamentarians have also raised concerns over the presence of the ECOMIG forces in the Foni Region. They believe the presence of these forces is a threat to the natives.

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“The presence of the ECOMIG forces across the country, the Foni Region inclusive, is necessitated by genuine security concerns exacerbated by a porous southern border. The ECOMIG has been instrumental in maintaining peace and security as The Gambia navigates its very sensitive transition,” disagrees government in a statement signed by its Spokesperson, Ebrima G. Sankareh.

Meanwhile, the government has confirmed in the same release the deaths of Demba Colley, 23, Alagie Kolley, 23 and Ebrima Colley, 20 last night. All the three were non-Gambians but had registered with the UNHCR, Banjul Office as refugees in The Gambia it says.

“A fourth victim, Sulayman Kolley was injured and is currently being hospitalized at a health facility. The Gambia Government wishes to clarify that all three men died in the Senegalese Region of Cassamance and not within Gambian territory as is being erroneously alleged.”

The Government has also confirmed that Yankuba Badjie died across the border in the Casamance Region of Senegal.

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“The late Mr Badjie was non-Gambian, a registered refugee with UNHCR and had resided at Gifanga village. Meanwhile, the Gambian authorities are closely working with their Senegalese counterparts regarding this case,” Government said in a press release.

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