“Governments come and go, but the country remains” Youssou N’dour Tells Gambians

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By Omar Wally

Youssou N’Dour, one of Africa’s most famous singers has told Gambians that governments will always come and go, but the country remains.

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Youssou, a one-time politician made these remarks on Sunday during a free concert held on Kairaba Avenue organized by Africell, a GSM operator.

‘My message to the Gambian youths is that when God helps you, you should help yourselves. The new government cannot do it all, it is the private sector that brings development and there is a huge potential in the Gambia”.

He called on Gambian youths to contribute their utmost in developing the Gambia.

‘Those going to school should take their education seriously and those who cannot acquire education should learn skills”.

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When Youssou made the remark the crowd chanted in Wollof ‘ Yayi Sen Bai, Yayi Sen Bai, meaning’ you are the father of the youths.’

Youssou added ‘The most shameful thing in this world is when one goes to his or her father or uncle asking for a job and when asked what type of job they want, they go whatever job you can give me is ok’. The Senegalese superstar concluded.

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