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By now you have had first hand experience of the farmers and grassroots pressing needs. Even though, the demands varied from one village to the other, one or two featured prominently in most places: water, electricity and good road networks. It was reassuring to hear that your government has entered a contract with the Chinese to the Basse-Pasamass road and other provincial road networks. Perhaps, I have missed your take on the request for regular and affordable electricity supply. Many are asserting NAWEC generators are old and not fit to be displayed in a meseum while others are resting the annoying power and water cuts on lack of fuel to run the bedridden generators. Whatever the reason, it is an open irrefutable secret that some NAWEC staff enjoy uninterrupted supply of water and electricity free of charge. Mr President please don’t tell me you are not aware of it. Yes, the co-operation has in the past struggled to recovery dues government owes to it but does that excuse the poor management and services? What is your government doing to arrest this deplorable situation?


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Aha, Uncle Sidi Sanneh raised a pertinent question: “Can you afford to throw the baby with the bath water?” I don’t think any sane person would enjoy that act more especially a loving and caring parent. My only inference here is how Uncle Sidi felt your government is treating those who stood by and fought with you when the dictator manifested ownership of the Gambia and his unwillingness to handover power. Of course, no particular person or group of people can single handedly claim ownership of the victory against the repressive Jammeh regime except if that person is harvesting apples on an orange tree. Many in the diaspora felt marginalised particularly when they see people who were cosy with the dictator wine and dine with you as if there was no yesterday. Many of those who feel betrayed actually aren’t scavenging for posting but appreciation and recognition. Others a simple “Thank you” is enough which you did whereas a few just want their opinions sought in certain aspects they hold dear in their hearts. I guess that isn’t much to ask for. Naturally whatever is successful will surely have an owner. In other words, some of these cosy with you now claiming closeness and loyalty to you while they were standing afar watching you with disgust when you needed allies most.


The Jammeh farms and zoo in Kanilai. Has your government thought of what to do with them? It would be a disservice to Gambians if the farms, zoo and infrastructure in Kanilai are left to crumble in ruin. I heard the Minister of Agriculture intimating that some of the farms unlawfully acquired by the dictator will be returned to their rightful owners. Bravo. I believe the government and people of the Gambia can benefit greatly if those assets are properly managed by the state. The zoo, for instance, is a good fund generator through tourism and the farms. The can equally be outlets for employment. The buildings can be either used as University campus and/or science lab for agriculture. Kanilai is a gold mine if properly managed.


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Hon Omar Jallow said he has no asset to declare because he has given all to his children. He further asserted he never wanted a bank account after his previous was frozen and now one of his children is designated authority for his salaried account. I find that dodgy and a cover up for illegal accumulated wealth. This rekindled the urgent need for the President and his cabinet to come clean in declaring their worth for accountability and transparency. Who knows how many cheques have past under diner and lunch tables. Are they cashed in sibling’s accounts to erase any tracks?


Sulayman Jeng
Birmingham, UK

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