Global HOMM issues statement over arrest of Neneh Gomez and Lamin Sey

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Global Hearts of Medical Mission (Global HOMM) has issued a statement saying it ‘unequivocally’ stands in solidarity with its country representative, Nenneh Freda Gomez, and staffer, Lamin Sey, in their discharge of duties and responsibilities on behalf of the organization.

“The continued unlawful arrests, detention of law abiding citizens is harassment and intimidation. It is ironic that the High Court just recently (17 November 2021) ruled that the previous arrest and detention of the 3 staff of Global HOMM was unlawful and inconsistent, and violated Section 19 of the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia. Yet here we are again!!,” Global HOMM said in a statement on Sunday signed by Dr Gabou Mendy.

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The statement added: “The Legal Judgements of the Courts, Judiciary, are being disregarded. We are being deprived of our constitutional right to property and liberty of our staff, forced eviction, unlawful custody and unlawful State responses.

“We are calling on the police to unconditionally release the staff of Global HOMM without delay and drop charges, if any. We further appeal to the State to observe the rule of law and protection of the rights of Global HOMM, a nongovernmental organization, to continue our humanitarian work in The Gambia.”

Neneh Gomez and Lamin Sey were arrested by police on Friday as they tried to enter a property in Bijilo that the government wants to build a hotel on. The property belongs to Global HOMM, a US-based organization Neneh Gomez represents in the country.

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