GAP leader promises crackdown on homosexuality, ‘unnecessary divorce’ if elected President

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Musa Ousainou Yali Bachilly, leader of Gambia Action Party (GAP) told members and supporters of his party that a GAP led government will not tolerate homosexuality and what he called ‘unnecessary divorce’.

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Mr. Bachilly was speaking at the party congress held at Tamala Hotel on Thursday 29th December 2022.

“A government led by GAP will have zero tolerance for people who practice homosexuality as they will not have rights or privileges in the country.

Calamity will not fall on us because of a few individuals who have sold their inner peace for money due to white supremacy,” he added.

Speaking on a range of issues, Mr. Bachilly told party comrades that “unnecessary divorce” will also be a thing of the past in a government headed by his party.

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“We will make divorce very difficult. You cannot marry and divorce anyhow. It must be on concrete reasons that are in line with our religion.

Some people are taking advantage of others; they will marry and divorce anytime they wish. You cannot marry someone for a specific interest, and after getting that, you divorce the person. It will not happen if I become President,” he vowed.

Mr. Bachilly promised to make marriage easy in the country as a way of discouraging adultery and fornication.

The GAP leader further stated that the country will be in a massive transformation process if he is elected president.

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He made several other promises during the party congress, outlining reforms he to foster unity and development in the country.

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