GANU leader STH speaks over arrest of Jammeh’s supporter

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GANU leader Sheikh Tijan Hydara has said police have no right to arrest Jerrending Sanyang for organising a press conference.

The GANU leader said there is no law in the country that bars citizens from holding press conferences.

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He told reporters at Banjullinding on Monday as Mr Sanyang’s arrested and detention unfolded: “The police have no right, they have no authority, they have no powers to go to Jerrending’s house and disperse the press conference because there is no law that says they have to obtain a permit before they can conduct the press conference. So they went there, dispersed it, arrested him and then even threw tear gas at the people.”

Mr Sanyang is a member of former President Yahya Jammeh’s No Alliance Movement, a breakaway group that is rebelling against the APRC executive’s decision to form an alliance with NPP.

Police arrested him on Monday when he invited reporters to his house in Lamin where the movement wanted to unveil its new executive appointed by former President Jammeh.


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