Gambia’s Military Chief Commends Personnel for ‘Exceptional Achievements’ Registered in 2021: Looks Forward to Greater Progress in 2022

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By: Christian Conteh

Gambia’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has acknowledged with immense gratitude and great sense of gratification, the exceptional achievements registered by the fine Officers and Soldiers/Ratings of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) during the year ended 2021. A message from the Army Chief has said.

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Major General Yankuba Drammeh was sending an end of year 2021 goodwill message to the gallant officers and soldiers/ratings of the Gambia Armed Forces as they welcomed a new year.

“I am mindful of the fact that had it not been for your resilience, discipline, tenacity, morale, diligence, esprit de corps, focus-orientedness, commitment and determination to excel, we would not have easily achieved such a remarkable success. Allow me to re-assert that there is nothing nobler than risking your lives for your country. I have long believed that sacrifice for one’s country is the pinnacle of patriotism. Accordingly, let me hastily state that your selfless and invaluable service to our country and its citizens is indeed appreciated by Gambians and non-Gambians alike,” General Drammeh said.

He used the opportunity to challenge his men and women as they enter a New Year, to turn a new leaf of life; one that is rich with great personal qualities, high standards and optimism that are consistent with the hallmark of their noble profession; the Military.

He emphasised that they cannot afford to shirk in their sacred duty and responsibility to the Government and People of The Gambia in conscientiously discharging their prescribed constitutional mandate.

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“We must strictly be guided by upholding our core values (courage, candor, integrity, loyalty and patriotism), standards and ethics that define our very existence as fine men and women in arms. If these ethical principles constitute and/or guide the very basis of our daily endeavours, we would (certainly) continue to enjoy the admiration and unreserved support of our fellow countrymen,” he reiterated.

He called on all personnel to remember in their thoughts and pray for their fallen comrades, while asking for the Almighty Allah to forgive their shortcomings and grant them the highest Heavens.

“For us who are fortunate to be alive, I pray for our continued well-being in order to serve the Nation as we look forward to greater progress in the Year 2022,” General Drammeh ended.

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