Gambia Will Have A New Republican Constitution: President Barrow Promises

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By: Christian Conteh

President Adama Barrow has reiterated his commitment to ensuring he facilitates the process leading to a new Republican Constitution.

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The president spoke boldly about this and other governance issues as he delivered his Presidential Inaugural Speech at Independence Stadium on January 19th

“Good governance, transitional justice, rights, freedoms and the rule of law are matters of great importance to us.

My government recognises justice as an essential component of good governance, since it fosters participation, transparency, and accountability while preserving the rule of law. As such, the Law will continue to guide whatever we do,” President Barrow said.

He further noted that The Gambia Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission completed its work and submitted its report last month. The report he said is being studied carefully for appropriate action.

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“To break the deadlock surrounding the draft Constitution, the new government will work towards building consensus for the establishment of a new Republican Constitution,” the president said.

He advised all stakeholders to be open-minded for this [Constitutional Review] to succeed.

On the foreign policy front, President Barrow noted that Gambia’s foreign policy is now robust and fruitful enough to build on.

“The Gambia has regained her position in the international community, and we have successfully expanded friendship and cooperation around the world.

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We will pursue this with vigour, beginning with our friends and neighbours in the sub-region and the African continent,” he said.

He thanked the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) for providing a platform for dialogue, cooperation, joint ventures and collaboration on regional and global matters.

“We are greatly indebted to ECOWAS for standing by us, providing the most needed support, most especially during and after the 2016 political impasse. Their guidance and support to establish and maintain peace and stability during our transition programme contributed to the successful conduct of the last Presidential Election,” President Barrow noted.

The presence of ECOMIG he said signifies the relevance and competence of ECOWAS as a regional body.

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