‘Gambia will be hottest hell on earth’: Jammeh campaigns for Mamma Kandeh again by telling citizens in Gambisara Gambia will hottest hell on earth if they allow President Barrow win

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Former President Yahya Jammeh has called on citizens in Gambisara to vote for Mamma Kandeh, warning that Gambia will become the hottest hell on earth if Gambians should allow President Barrow to win the election.

Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea after he was defeated in the 2016 presidential election. He has been complaining that he wants to return home and has asked his supporters to back the opposition Mamma Kandeh in next month’s presidential election.

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Speaking from Equatorial Guinea via telephone, Jammeh said: “I want all Gambians to go to Forbes Magazine and you will realise that Gambia today is one of the worst countries in Africa to do business. So how are they going to attract investors in this country? It’s not going to happen.

“So if you give him (President Barrow) another five years, Gambia will become the hottest hell on earth and you’re not going tom allow that.”

Jammeh also said the work done by his administration has been destroyed by the Barrow government.

“What we worked for 22 hard years to put The Gambia on the world map has been destroyed in five years of the Barrow government. All these can be repaired between one to two years of GDC-APRC-GAP alliance government,” he said.

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