Gambia May Not Import Rice Anymore If The Country’s Soil Can Grow Korean Rice Variety

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The Republic of Korea Consul General in The Gambia, Muhammed Jah, has said that the Gambia will work closely with the Korean government to make sure that the Gambia does not import rice anymore if the Korean variety of rice works on the Gambia soil as part of a new collaboration between the two countries.

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Jah was speaking to reporters shortly after the Republic of Korea’s new ambassador Kim Ji Joon submitted his letters of credence to the President of the Republic of The Gambia at the State House on Friday.

“We are going to grow enough rice in The Gambia to feed us and also with the possibility of exporting”, he told reporters.

According to Consul Jah, the Republic of Korea has tested its variety of rice in Guinea and Senegal, the result of which will come out in June. He said that the two countries have a similar climatic condition to the Gambia, which means that it may work in the Gambia if the result in Guinea and Senegal turned out positive.

“If we have positive rice in Guinea, we will test it in the Gambia for about a hectare in different areas in the country. And if successful, we are going to work with the Republic of Korea to make sure that in the next few years, we don’t import rice anymore.”, he explained.

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Another sector that the government of the Gambia is collaborating with the Republic of Korea, is the skills development area.  Jah established that it will significantly help the Gambia.   The Consul General said he has been working hard to establish cooperation between the Gambia government and the Republic of Korea.

Kim Ji Joon, the new ambassador, emphasized that they will work closely with the Gambia government in agriculture on food production and food security. He also explained that President Barrow is committed to curbing unemployment in the Gambia and believes that South Korea can be of good help by building skill centers in the country for Gambians.

The new South Korean Ambassador to the Gambia submitted his letter of credence to President Barrow. He was accompanied by Gambian businessman Muhammed Jah, who serves as the Republic of Korea consul general in the Gambia.

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