Gambia in consultation with US authorities for recovery of Jammeh’s Potomac house

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By Momodou Justice Darboe

The Gambia government is involved in consultations with authorities in the United States for the recovery of Yaya Jammeh’s house in the US, says The Gambia’s justice minister.

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Abubacarr Baa Tambadou on Wednesday informed members of the press that he was engaged with the US ambassador to The Gambia as measures and actions continue to recover the ill-gotten properties of President Jammeh within and outside The Gambia.

On Jammeh’s multi-million dollar house in the US, Minister Tambadou said: “I believe I heard information that the property[Jammeh’s US house] was frozen. I’m involved in exchanges with ambassador Paschal [US ambassador to Gambia]. We’ve been working on this.”

He revealed that the Gambia government is cooperating with several governments around the world in tracking and recovering Jammeh’s properties.

“With other Jammeh properties, tracking and recovery is a very sensitive matter and people have the ability to move assets around the world. And, we are cooperating with several governments. I am not at liberty to disclose the nature or the identity of those governments otherwise I risk endangering the process of recovery because those assets could be moved quickly.

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“Let’s remember that assets recovery efforts outside Gambia are not unfortunately within our control. They are on foreign territory and are subject to foreign laws. We can only rely on the goodwill and the support and cooperation of those countries where some of these assets are.”

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