Gambia Government Refutes Report On Parliamentary Summons Of Tourism Minister

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The Gambia Government has in a press release dated 26 January 2022 refuted publications on the parliamentary summons of the Minister of Tourism Hamat Bah Over Corruption allegations at Gambia Tourism Board.

“The Gambia Government strongly believes that story which was subsequently reproduced across various Social Media platforms was false and malicious calculated to defame the character of the Honourable Minister and bring the Government into disrepute as Hon Bah was never given the opportunity to respond to the summons allegations. Minister Bah is one person who has never hesitated to answer queries from journalists and does not shy away from public scrutiny,” the release stated.

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“As echoed by the rejoinder from the Clerk of the National Assembly dated 25th January 2022, the Petitions Committee is investigating the claims by the staff of The Gambia Tourism Board (GT Board) and fair hearing will be granted to all  those who are adversely mentioned,” it clarified.

It emphasized, “While remaining committed to public scrutiny, The Gambia Government encourages media practitioners and social media content creators to verify their stories consistent with standards of journalistic fairness”

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