Gambia Gets Additional 60 Lawyers

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The Gambia Bar Association has over the weekend called 60 aspiring lawyers to the Bar after their completion of rigorous legal studies at the Gambia Law School. The ‘Call to the Bar’ ceremony marks the official recognition and inclusion of law students, who have met set requirements, into the legal profession.

The country’s Chief Justice and Chairman of the General Legal Council, Hassan B. Jallow congratulated the new lawyers, reminding them of the ethics that govern and guide the legal profession.

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“The legal profession is a profession of continuous learning where you never finish your studies. It is a profession of hard work; you work hard while others are asleep. You also must adhere to the ethics of the profession. If you do so you will get the desired recognition and reward.”

Solicitor General of The Gambia, Hussein Thomasi delivered a statement on behalf of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, calling on the recent crop of legal practitioners to be mindful of both the privileges and responsibilities given by the profession.

“From today henceforth, you will be presented to your communities as lawyers. You will have the privilege to wear gowns and symbols of a lawyer. You should also understand that these privileges have corresponding responsibilities.”

It is believed that the 60 lawyers adding to existing legal practitioners will speedy the dispensation of justice, access to legal service and a significant advantage in indigenizing the judiciary.

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