Gambia Action Party Eid Statement

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As the Muslim Ummah celebrate Eid Ul Adha today, The Gambia Action Party wishes to extend sincere greetings to the Muslims in the Gambia and around the world on this auspicious occasion.

Eventhough there are multiplicity of challenges that mar the usual celebration of this year’s Eid Ul Adha, we urge everyone to reflect on the significance of this great day in the history of Islam and sacrifices as well as moral beliefs.

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As COVID-19 influenza continue to engulf our country, insecurity and poverty on daily basis strikes the people that make life difficult for more than half of the country’s population, we urge the government to address challenges and restore economic prosperity as well as freedom for the best interest of the nation.

As we celebrate this year’s Eid Ul Adha with mixed feelings cognizant of the fact that the people affected by the heavy storm are still recovering from the natural disaster, we as a people, should absorb the virtues of brotherhood and render assistance to the affected people.

In order to register significant changes in The Gambia, we must come together as a people and exhibit peace and love, understanding and accord zero tolerance to political uncertainties, tribalism and religious connotations that might provoke our peaceful coexistence and pose division in our society. Let us give maximum control of societal factors to ensure December 04th and other subsequent elections are conducted in peaceful environment without prejudice.

On this occasion, we pray for the continuous improvement on socio-economic development gains of the Gambia that will position us, as a nation, in the global competitive zone. May this year’s feast bring the much needed peace and stability as we approach election campaigns. Whatever happen, we must maintain our national identity and heritage in ensuring that the Gambia remain first ahead of personal development driven agendas.

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Secretary General and Party Leader of GAP,

Hon. Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly.

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