Friend Of Man caught With Pistol At King Fahad Defends Him

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A friend of Babucarr Njie, the soldier found with a pistol at King Fahad Mosque said his friend is a good man and that he supports The Barrow Administration.

Dear Editor
I want to give Gambians a little bit of information about Babucarr Njie, The solder that was caught with a pistol last Friday. He is a brother to Sering Modou Njie, the former state house commander, who is now on foreign mission.

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He fell out with Jammeh when one of his brothers, Modou Njie was accused and convicted for attempting to over throw jammeh on December 31, 2014. He was put under serious monitor after the coup and since then he fell out with Jammeh for the believe that he knew something about it.

Modou Njie was freed by The Barrow Government recently together with Sarjo Jarju, Abdoulie Jobe and the rest. Trust me, Babucarr has a big heart for the Gambia.

We spend almost everyday together and I know for a fact that he is in full support of Barrow and his government.

I know for sure that he trust no other person to hand over the pistol, this is why he was trying to met Masaneh Kinteh to give it to him. Unfortunately for him his intention was mistaken. He is more than a friend to me. He is a neighbour and a brother.

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