Foroyaa Reporter Attacked By Angry Supporters

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By Lamin Sanyang – Foroyaa Newspaper reporter, Kebba Jeffang, was attacked by angry UDP supporters at a joint press conference held at the party’s Manjai Bureau.

The journalist came under fire after posing questions to Ousainou Darboe, Secretary General and leader of the United Democratic Party UDP. Jeffang has questioned the tension between the coalition leadership when the two press conferences held by both Halifa Sallah and Ousainou Darboe are not different. There was yelling and hissing all over the conference room by party supporters immediately his question was asked.

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Darboe has to intervened telling his supporters to be tolerant to allow journalists to ask any question they feel because they are doing their work to clear misinformation. He answered him by taking reference from his story of Halifa Sallah’s press conference published on Foroyaa Newspaper. He pointed out that the difference between the two sides is the coalition independent candidates and the tactical alliance they want to go with.

However, some of the party supporters turned to the reporter with angry remarks after the press conference. They were using derogatory and inflammatory remarks in the presence of their leaders. He returned the insults and as headed outside, the angry supporters went after him.

There was name calling and a physical confrontation but the reporter was rescued by colleagues with helped from other people. He was rushed in a taxi away from the screaming and yelling of angry supporters.

Meanwhile, the country is really going through trying times as the coalition leaders are almost at a breaking point.

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