Foni Kansala NAM rebuts claims that Jammeh’s audio instigated coup attempt 

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By: Sarjo Brito

The National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala, Almameh Gibba, has rebutted claims that Jammeh’s LRR audio promising to return to the Gambia and rule again may have instigated the recent attempted coup. Speaking exclusively to the Fatu Network on Thursday, Honorable Gibba said while he condemns any coup attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government, reports that Jammeh instigated the said coup attempt are totally false and uncalled for.

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‘’Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Jammeh spoke and everybody heard him. Jammeh had never mentioned a coup. He has never said I am coming with arms and ammunition to attack the Gambia. So, associating Jammeh with this coup attempt just does not add up. I am telling the Gambian people to be mindful of the things they are saying. Jammeh never said he was coming to take over through a coup,’’ Gibba said

Almameh Gibba added that removing any democratically elected government in the country is not only unconstitutional but must not be entertained. The Foni Kansala NAM however accused the sitting government of opening its arms to known coupists whom he said are current members of the country’s armed forces.

‘’This current government was the same one that has laid a red carpet for known coupists. If anyone is a coupists or is alleged to be one, let them not be reinstated in the army and stop dismissing officers based on tribal lines and fake security issues.’’

Meanwhile, the news of an attempted coup to overthrow Gambian President Adama Barrow has sent shockwaves amongst Gambians, with many condemning the attempt.

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The Gambia government has since announced the arrest of five security officers while two are on the run. The government said investigations into the foiled coup attempt are still ongoing.

Regional bloc ECOWAS has reiterated its support for the Barrow administration and said it rejects in totality any unconstitutional change of government in any Member State.

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