Following On Dictator Jammeh’s Trail: A Sick President Who’s Afraid To Face His Populace

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The whereabouts of Dictator Jammeh is still a source of misery. As we piece this story together, unconfirmed reports have been making the rounds in Banjul and indeed in the social media that the dictator is finally in Banjul receiving urgent needed medical treatment which was not possible in the provincial town of Base in the Upper River Region of the Gambia. However, so far the information Fatu Radio gathered all point to the fact that Dictator Jammeh is still in Basse. Currently, a large convoy of ministers and senior government officials have just left Basse heading towards Mansakonko, the regional capital of the Lower River Region of the Gambia.

But strangely the Presidential security are still in Basse suggesting that the Dictator is still in Basse. It is very unusual for the ministers to leave without Jammeh. In Presidential tours like this, the delegation including the President himself, cabinet ministers and other officials all move together in one convoy.

In fact one of our sources who is in the tour has just informed us that about two state ministers are still in Basse sitting at the VIP lounge waiting for the President to come out. What is not clear is whether Dictator Jammeh will leave for Mansakonko today.

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If everything goes well, Jammeh and entourage are expected to have a night stop in Mansakonko today from where they will go to Kiang and in Kanilai tomorrow.

However, the complete absence of the dictator from public view is fueling the uncertainty about his exact whereabouts. What is clear though is that Jammeh is sick but by all indications, he is trying to proof otherwise.

One of our sources who came into personal contact with the President recently in Janjanbureh in the Central River Region of the Gambia told Fatu Radio Jammeh has lost considerable weight and breathe abnormally heavy. The source said the dictator looked very tired and it was clear that something serious was wrong with him.

Fatu radio is keenly monitoring the situation and will update our audience with any latest information about Dictator Jammeh.

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