First Lady Zineb Jammeh Abandoned By Her Security Detail

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First Lady Zineb Yahya Jammeh will be heading home from Washington on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 without two of her closest guards. Lamin Bojang known as ‘Obama’ and a private soldier, one Badjie have absconded leaving madame Jammeh in a state of shock after she found out.

Sources say ‘Obama’ is very close to Mariam and Muhammed Jammeh after working for the first family for many years. The first lady is said to have been crying since the two left on monday. A very credible source told The Fatu Network that she called her husband, dictator Jammeh complaining that the soldiers attached to her are very ungrateful.

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Meanwhile, the first family is going through very difficult times after Gambians voted that they have enough of them, sending them packing. Dictator Jammeh is still holding on to power refusing to work towards a peaceful transfer of power to President Elect, Adama Barrow. Gambians are going about their daily lives knowing that come January 19, Adama Barrow will be sworn in as the new president of The Gambia.

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