Farewell Party For Former Basic Education Minister Fatou Lamin Faye Draws Controversy

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From a concern MOBSE staff…

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It has come to my notice that on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the ministry of basic and secondary education made a farewell party for the former minister Fatou Lamin Faye. This was held at the clay oven Indian restaurant in Fajara. The farewell party was organized and attended by high ranking officials of the ministry.

This is something very unethical and wrong. The peaceful transfer of power is one of the most important tools to bring about a democratic change of government. Fatou Lamin was one among those ministers who were the biggest enablers of former President, Yahya Jammeh and refused to handover peacefully to the incoming ministers during the political impasse. She was one of those who stood by Jammeh dancing to his tunes when this peaceful country was about to turn into a war zone.

The likes of former information minister stood up and say no to Jammeh and thanks to the ECOMIG forces and the people of our beloved nation who stood up for the country despite the tricks that Jammeh and his enablers were engaged in. Where was the likes of the current minister of works Bai Lamin?

We all know that during the political impasse Jammeh and his allies took millions out of this country and left us with notting… thus why should the ministry use the little money we have to organize this mega party for this lady. The money could have been use for something useful to this country… this is totally unconstitutional and therefore angers us a lot.

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At this juncture I really want President Barrow to sit up and look at the ministry just like he did at the central bank of the Gambia, GPA, GAMTEL, and other state institutions. It was not only the ministers who were the enablers but also top government civil servants, there are still hypocrites amongst us… they should all be screened and checked for proper administration to take place otherwise there will be a room for them to undermine the current minister and then history would repeat itself again which will be a total failure for the Barrow administrative and the entire country as well.

One should be very suspicious that if this people can do such a thing in this country then, there is no doubt that we still have them among us right at this ministry. They are big enablers and are ready to make sure that this government fails. The officials who organized this party should be questioned by the commission of inquiries to ensure a clean and loyal personnel to the ministry and the barrow administration.

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