Family Of Young Soldier Performs Burial Rites For Him

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Family members of Tumani Jallow, today Friday, February 10,  performed burial rites for him after they received information that he was killed by former president Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team, ‘The Junglers’

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Tumani twenty nine was a Lance Corporal, enrolled into The Gambia Armed Forces in May 2009. Originally from Somita Village in Foni, west coast region, he lived in Brikama until the night that he was picked up by authorities.

He was an Infantry Soldier and was later moved to the Ceremonial Drill Platoon at Fajara Barracks before being deployed to The State House where he served under the state guard battalion.

Sources say he was arrested by the then notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) on allegation of being involved in torching the political bureau of Jammeh’s APRC located in knifing, in the greater Banjul area. Even though authorities found no tangible evidence against him, Jallow was said to be seriously tortured which left him in coma.

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“A night before Yahya Jammeh flew to Equatorial Guinea for exile, Tumani’s uncle went to the NIA to ask about his whereabouts, but he was told that Jammeh’s ‘Junglers’ took him away and that he is nowhere to be seen. He is killed. Jammeh killed many people” the source said.

The source added that Jallow didn’t take part in the torching of the bureau, his only crime was that a text message was found on his phone in which one of the suspects asked him to look after his family while he the suspect was on the run. Tumani replied stating ‘Do not worry, we are family’ This the source said led to his arrest and killing.
Like many of Jammeh’s victim, another innocent young man was tortured to death for a crime he never committed. His family stressed that they want justice to be served. “I will never have a peace of mind until I see Jammeh before the ICC.” a family member said

Meanwhile, Edward Gomez, officer commanding intelligence at state house is said to be one of the arresting officers who picked up Tumani. Sources say he was confronted by the family and a fight broke out between them

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Tumani Jallow was single and did not have a child.

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